Van Go Tours

Studio Tours - Photo credit Yasmeen Strang

Vancouver has a thriving, but often overlooked, community of artists and creatives. Parker Projects’ Van Go tours offer art lovers an off-the-beaten-track look at our arts community. Parker Projects’ curators are well connected, and can provide access to art that is not always available to the public. We look after a global clientele who are culturally connected and know the value of a behind-the-scenes look at the Vancouver art world.

Our chauffeured van tours visit artists’ studios and the occasional boutique exhibition space, offering an intimate experience unmatched by traditional gallery tours. Tours are limited to groups of 4-8 people, and bespoke tours are available to suit your particular interests and inspirations.

Tour highlights and features:

  • Our curators can provide insight into the local art scene for the art-curious who want to begin or expand their collection

  • Our studio visits illuminate the process behind the art you love – ask the artists about their inspirations and methods

  • Experience a unique and engaging facet of Vancouver – without the research and legwork

  • Enjoy a glass of champagne, discover new inspiration, and buy original work direct from the artist

Register as a group or join in as an individual. Contact us for details.