July 11th - August 26th, 2018

Reception July 26th, 5-8pm

This exhibition is an exploration into the spaces between.  Between the marks these four artists make; between landscapes urban, rural and interior; between perception and interpretation.  

These four artists – Cybèle Ironside, Eve Leader, Gillian Richards and Michal Tkachenko – approach the medium of painting in diverse ways.

Gillian Richards explores the interstices of the “normally unnoticed spaces in [her] urban surroundings”. Eve Leader’s figures are placed within ambiguous landscapes reflecting on the intervals “between structure and order, and what occurs when our existence breaks down”. Cybèle’s paintings  conjure “place” through veils of painterly contemplation, evoking light, inviting the viewer to interpret the confluence of mark-making and illusion. Michal Tkachenko’s dreamscape/landscapes bring us to the liminal expanses between wakefulness and sleep.