Contemporary art gallery and project space

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440-1000 Parker St. Vancouver, BC V6A 2H2


Parker Projects is a project-based gallery specializing in the exhibition and sale of contemporary sculpture, painting, and photo-based and new media art.

Set within the iconic Parker Street Studios building on the East side of Vancouver, Parker Projects concentrates on thematic events both within the gallery and at satellite venues around Vancouver. We partner with individual or small groups of artists, private galleries and freelance curators to present engaging content and experiences.

‚ÄčParker Projects emerged from many years of professional affiliation and collaboration between Sarah Dobbs and David Robinson. Gallery Director Sarah Dobbs has been an arts consultant and curator internationally for over 25 years within the corporate, public and private worlds of visual arts culture. Sarah has served as director/curator with the Evergreen Cultural Centre, the Burnaby Art Gallery and as an educator with the National Gallery of Ireland, and has worked extensively in arts in health. A consultant for public art projects and site-specific installations, she holds an Master's from University of Toronto and a BA in art history from the University of British Columbia.

David Robinson is a veteran visual artist with an extensive exhibition history and many significant commissions both public and corporate. In 2007, David launched Robinson Studio Gallery as a display space convenient to his studio, where local gallerists, consultants and collectors could view his work. Robinson Studio Gallery is now the home of Parker Projects under the direction of Sarah Dobbs, adding value to the lively Parker Street art community and allowing David to devote more time to his busy studio practice.

"The nature of the masterpieces is not to dazzle. Their nature is to persuade, to convince, to enter into us through our pores."
Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres